Managed Supply Chain

with Kadena

Kadena optimizes your vendor ecosystem from end-to-end.

There's no better way to get the most from your print supply chain than with Kadena. You'll save on spend, improve SLA performance, and get access to the data analytics you need to drive sustained improvement over time. Plus, Kadena handles the bid process transparently. In short, you'll consolidate and optimize all of your vendors under one roof-yours.


Sourcing. Optimized

K-Source gives you an innovative sourcing capability that ensures job quotes are submitted fast, and that orders are placed with the right vendor at the right price. Consolidate or extend your vendor network easily as your business needs evolve, while maintaining a consistent model across your supply chain.


Analyze. Know.

With K-Insight, you’ll have a powerful data aggregation and analytics capability across your supply base. Combine data sets to view trends in spend categories, track vendor
performance, analyze exceptions, identify patterns, and discover new insights that will
allow you to drive sustainable performance improvement over time.


Activate. Track.

K-Commerce is your control point for managing your print supply chain.  It gives you a single point of access to Kadena’s other modules-you can use it to activate programs, monitor SLA performance, track shipments, confirm delivery and so much more.